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Our Mission

We specialize in empowering people and teams through games and virtual experience platforms.

Our goal is to help achieve tangible results that add real value to companies and their teams in the shortest possible time and with a reasonable budget.

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We will empower, motivate and train your employees

We offer online experiences for companies, teams, and employees. Our virtual activities help empower, motivate, and train your team to enhance their skills and abilities in the new market situation.

We provide unique and engaging online experiences:

Multilanguage and multipurpose approach
Experiences tailored to your employee needs
Advanced reports to analyze personalities
online activities for companies
Help with staff management and teamwork

    We apply our solutions to meet the needs of companies seeking to empower employees at different moments and for different aspects of their performance (employee life cycle).

    Our solutions focus on Hiring, Welcome (Onboarding), Motivation and Rewards, Training, Skills Development, Team Building, Online Events, and Termination.

Online Experiences

    We will help you create unforgettable experiences for your employees, developing their motivation and increasing their satisfaction with being part of the company.


We develop corporate and employee experiences in the Metaverse

  • Explore the possibilities of the Metaverse with unique, highly immersive activities that will help you discover and enter this exciting universe.

  • We are the first company to offer assistance in recruiting talent in the Metaverse.

  • Our Teamverse model enables companies to facilitate and implement dynamics to enhance team values and skills.

online activities for companies

Our experiences

We offer various experiences and online dynamics so that you can choose the theme that best matches your objectives and those of your employees. Here are some examples:


Our solutions include gamification platforms and online experiences for companies that will help you attract talent, motivate employees, develop their skills, and enhance teamwork.

Save 20%
$ 49 / month

Billed $490 annually

  • Two Online experiences

  • 40 users in total

  • Focus areas include Recruitment, Team Building, Wellbeing, and more.

  • Basic reports

  • Support (email/chat)

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Save 25%
$ 690 / year

Only billed annually

  • Four Online experiences

  • 100 users in total

  • Team and user management

  • Advanced configuration

  • Objetivos Contratación, Team Building, Wellbeing, etc.

  • Advanced reports

  • Advanced support (email/chat) + two hours of videoconference

Select Plan
$ 990 / year

Only billed annually

  • Six Online experiences

  • 300 users in total

  • Team and user management

  • Personalización de contenidos y experiencias

  • Objetivos Contratación, Team Building, Wellbeing, etc.

  • Advanced reports

  • Soporte Dedicado (email/chat) + six hours of videoconference

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Customer Reviews

Testimonials - Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

We offer a proven model with more than 80 companies, 350 teams, and 5,600 workers from Spain, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and more. Among the companies that have tried our solutions are Google, Accenture, Microsoft, Bosh, Roche, IBM, Amway, Red Cross, Novartis, Xerox, Endesa, and many others.

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Excellence Model

Learn about our unique model to get the most out of the "Employee Life Cycle" (CVE)

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Explore some of the clients who have already trusted us

We unite and empower teams

We emphasize team skills such as communication, teamwork, collaboration, and resilience.

Multiplatform solutions
  • Our platform doesn’t require you to download any software, and it is compatible with any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • We are pioneers in designing a multitude of options for our clients, with unlimited customization. Our games can be played remotely by 5 to 5,000 players.

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