The importance of the Employee Life Cycle

Our solutions and services are based on the Employee Life Cycle, which consists of several phases that an employee goes through while being part of a company:

Worker Life Cycle

What is the Employee Life Cycle?

It is a model that identifies the different stages through which an employee advances within an organization.

employee life cycle
Employee Stages

The model’s purpose is to show the process that an employee goes through and how they interact with the company over the course of their career.

employee life cycle
Online Experiences

We offer various experiences to choose from, with different themes and functionalities that best suit the needs and objectives of each company and its employees.

worker life cycle
Innovation Image

The use of online experiences and dynamics within an employee's life cycle will allow you to generate a modern and innovative image.

Employee Life Cycle Stages

Below are some of the stages that an employee may go through in a company:


The better the brand image of your company, the more it can attract talent and outstanding professionals.

Welcome (On boarding)

This stage describes the process of the presentation and adaptation of an employee to their new environment, colleagues, and work system.


Enable your employees to acquire new skills and talents. Our activities allow you to develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges of today’s market.

Team Building

Uniting a team involves spending time together and developing skills such as collaboration, cooperation, and communication to keep them motivated and integrated.


One of the most difficult challenges in human resource management is talent retention. We help you manage stress, happiness, and employee climate.


Sooner or later, for various reasons, this moment always comes. But it also represents an opportunity for companies to make organizational changes.


25% greater employee satisfaction


38% increased employee productivity


5.86% increase in job satisfaction


Capture the best talent

Our online dynamics make it possible to analyze user behavior, expose them to all kinds of situations and extract relevant information to analyze each user's profile.

Once a new employee joins the company, our “Welcome on Board” activity allows them to get acquainted with colleagues and managers in a pleasant and fun way while learning about the company's values.

employee life cycle
employee life cycle
Retain and motivate your employees

Retention is a decisive stage, since employees are already trained and stable; having assimilated the corporate culture, they now form part of it.

Generate the best connections

Employees’ state of mind is a very important factor. Therefore, making sure they are happy, calm, and have a positive experience is essential for their continued contributions to the company. That's good news, since happy employees will want to stay at the company!

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