What is the Metaverse for companies?

  • The Metaverse is a virtual environment where people work, play, and socialize. It is the perfect productivity environment for companies that have opted for remote work.

  • Using the Metaverse will enable your company to attract young talent, train employees in new technological trends, and offer them a fun way to get to know each other while improving company relationships.

  • These experiences DO NOT require virtual reality glasses and are accessible from any device or computer.

metaverse for corporations
metaverse for employees

Advantages of the Metaverse

For companies that want to take advantage of this new way of working, attracting talent, and enhancing skills, the Metaverse offers several benefits:

  • It is the ideal place to attract young, technologically savvy talent from anywhere in the world.

  • It will allow you to create experiences and challenges that are adapted to your company’s needs.

  • It generates rewards and prizes that help recognize and motivate the highest-performing employees and teams..

  • Teams can learn to collaborate, communicate, and work together more efficiently in fun, innovative, and original ways.

metaverse for companies

What is the Teamverse?

Given our progress and commitment to innovation, we are developing various experiences in the Metaverse through a new concept that we have called the Teamverse.

We are architects in the Metaverse who specialize in developing experiences that capture talent, entertain employees, and enhance the skills of people and teams within our clients’ organizations.

metaverse for companies

What possibilities does it offer?

The Teamverse enables current employees and workers to adapt to new technologies. It takes them out of their "comfort zone", showing them the possibilities and uses of the Metaverse.

Many companies choose to hold events and conferences for new employees in the Metaverse. We provide auditoriums, conference rooms, lounges, rest and relaxation areas, and other spaces.

Our environments and developments in the Metaverse

We are currently developing, innovating, and experimenting in different Metaverses. These are some of our achievements:

metaverso para equipos
metaverso para equipos
metaverso para equipos

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