KLEVERPLAY Gamification Platform

We provide infrastructure and services to maintain the platform’s performance, security, and functionality to manage the Employee Life Cycle

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Empower your employees and teams

The platform is designed to allow any company or work team to benefit from our technology.

Our solutions can be applied at different moments of the employee cycle with simple and valuable methods to improve your company's efficiency and productivity.

Centralized management

Our gamification platform allows the effective management of users and online experiences, and it supports a detailed analysis of the information collected in order to help motivate and support employees.

Virtual environment

We have generated a realistic environment based on interesting themes and with immersive elements, creating a great experience for the participants. This approach helps connect, empower, and grow the professionals in the company.

47,5% of 524 job seekers reported that they had taken an online aptitude test.

  • 21% of tech companies in Europe believe that recruiting talent will be the biggest challenge during the next 12 months. – Atomico

  • 32,1% said that they had taken a work ability test with AI.


of European and US companies increased spending on B2B SaaS last year. – Finances Online


Artificial Intelligence for employee management
(Q1 2023)

At KLEVERPLAY, we are committed to the latest methodologies to analyze the job profiles of employees and work teams.

Algorithms and models

Our artificial intelligence algorithms analyze individuals' job profiles to generate statistics and reports that can be compared with the requirements of the company, analyzing how a profile fits within the anticipated objectives and vision.

Personality detection

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of new technologies, we have developed artificial intelligence algorithms that can provide a detailed analysis of the profiles of people and teams within a business organization.

These algorithms can identify the personalities of the employees or candidates for a job position, including their team behaviors, strengths, skills, and points of improvement. They create a detailed report of the individuals before or after hiring, which may help develop their full potential and optimize their trajectory within the organization.

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gamification platform for companies
Profile Development

It allows the generation of a profile for an individual to discover if their personality, skills, and abilities are suitable for a company, and also how they would fit into different work teams.

gamification platform for teams
Team Profile

We analyze each participant's personality to extract their profile and define their specific qualities and potentials in order to help integrate the right people into the different teams.

gamification platform for employees
Social and ethical skills

In a work environment, we are surrounded by people. Therefore, it is important to have a sense of values like collaboration, work ethics, and soft skills.

Extremely flexible

Discover ways to increase the potential of your employees.

gamification platform for companies
Quick setup

Create experiences for your company or team in a matter of minutes.

Employee life cycle

Our products cover the employee life cycle: hiring, onboarding, motivation, team building, events, and more.

Motivation and performance

Increases the performance of the participants and their connection to the company while accelerating the learning of new concepts.

Bespoke customization

Personalization options: logos, welcome, and closing texts.

In continuous evolution

Our platform is continually advancing and incorporating new features, which enables the customization and improvement of information about the participants and teams.


The platform is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Soon, we will offer other languages such as French and German.

Security and data protection

We offer a protective environment to defend against global cybersecurity threats.

Comprehensive security management

Our platform has the necessary security measures to protect our users’ data and information. We are aware that it is difficult to provide 100% security on current technology platforms, but we do what is necessary to monitor, resolve, and protect all accounts.

Data Protection and Privacy
  • Our approach aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union's privacy law.

  • We are protected with a SiteLock system that provides enhanced protection against malware, vulnerabilities, and other Internet threats.

  • A wildcard SSL certificate is used to protect the data transfer.

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